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MA Professional products in new capacity - 200ml

MA ProfessionalIn Amtra offer we have products MA Professional brand in new capacity - 200ml:

20-A67 Penetrating Silicone Lube 200 ml


20-A68 White Grease 200ml

20-A70 PTFE Grease 200 ml


Penetrating Silicone Lube White Grease PTFE Grease

Deep penetrating silicone lubricant containing solvent. Intended for lubrication of guides, door locks, chains, hinges, rubber hoses, gaskets etc. Ideal for the protection of rubber parts against drying, freezing, sticking together. Makes them elastic. Resistant to high and low temperatures as well as water. Prevents door gaskets from freezing shut in the winter season. Excellent results in just few seconds.

Liquid, high penetrating grease. After setting it turns into paste that is resistant to washing out and to temperatures. Ensures proper lubrication of moving parts, such as hinges, seat tracks and other hardly accessible elements. When solvents evaporate the grease gets semitransparent.

Professional preparation with very good lubricating properties. PTFE particles present in the product adhere well to metal surfaces, reducing friction and increasing corrosion resistance. Resistant to salt and water. Effective at temperatures ranging from -40oC to +180oC.

Penetrating Silicone Lube White Grease PTFE Grease