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Machine grease

KTM 14-013
Product description

Reinforced grease with a package of friction reducing components. Resistant to high loads, pressure, vibration, shock and centrifugal forces.
High penetration properties of the grease enable deep ingress with no need to dismantle parts; the grease signicantly reduces friction and
wearing. It mutes noises, eliminates jams and dampens vibrations. Recommended for slide bearings, low-speed drive chains and trunnions,
steel ropes, machine slide guides, ironmongery, handles, gate valves, door and gate hinges etc.

Product features

For lubrication of items made of aluminium, brass and stainless steel. Eective even at small amounts. Working temperature: from -30°C

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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 250 ml
Capacity: 250 мл

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