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Power steering fluid with stop leak

KTM 20-A91
Product features

Power-assisted steering fluid with sealant, eliminates fluid leaks caused by leaky seals. Contains high-quality oil enriched with additives that regenerate old seals. Will keep your power-assisted steering system in perfect condition.  Mixed  with every other power-assisted steering fluid. Use preemptively to avoid leaks in the future.    

How to use
  1. Turn your engine off and wait for about 30 minutes. Wipe the area around the power-assisted steering filler clean and unscrew the cap.  
  2. Refill the power-assisted steering fluid with sealant up to the correct level.  
  3. Do not overfill the tank.
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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 12 шт
Capacity: 300 ml

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