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KTM 40-005
Product features

Concentrated active foam with neutral pH for safe and efficient washing of car bodies. Thanks to the use of modern technology Neutral Active Foam is safe for vehicles covered with various types of waxes, quartz and ceramic coatings. The product has a pleasant smell and high foaming properties. It easily rinses away. The product may be applied in manual and automatic car washes.


Available capacities:
40-005 - Clinex Expert+ Neutral Active Foam 5L
40-006 - Clinex Expert+ Neutral Active Foam 20L

How to use

Dilution: For manual washing: 1:100-150; Spraying: 01:15-20; Foam lance 1:3-15; Automatic car wash: 15-20ml per cycle.

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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 1 шт
Capacity: 5 Л

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