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KTM 40-012
Product description

Strong foamy agent for removing heavy duty dirt

Product features

Highly concentrated, foaming formula designed for basic and pre-wash. Dissolves and removes road grime, oils and stubborn dirt without using even a brush or a sponge.

Available capacities:

  • KTM 40-012 - 5 kg
  • KTM 40-014 - 25 kg


How to use

Apply the diluted preparation from the bottom to the top, leave it to work for about 1 minute, do not let to dry. Rinse with jet of water. The strength of the preparation depends on the dilution rate. Do not use on hot or chromed surface. Do not use on acrylic lacquer. Test in inconspicuous area before applying on the whole car. Spraying: dilution rate for trucks 1:15-25; cars 1:30-60; semi-trailers, collapsible hoods, containers, farm machines, machinery 1:10-20; wagons 1:10-15; engines, chassis, wheels, other mechanical components 1:5-10 ; floors 1:20-40, elevation 1:20-30. Wash pipe: dilution rate for trucks, semi-trailers, collapsible hoods, containers, farm machines, machinery 1:4-6; cars 1:6-10; wagons 1:5-8. 

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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 1 шт
Capacity: 5 кг

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