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Towing rope 3500kg + 2 hooks

KTM 94-034
Product description

The rope is designed for towing vehicles from 2500 kg to 3500 kg.

Product features

•  Made in Poland.

How to use

Minimum length of the rope: 4 m. The rope should be attached to factory tow strap/hook of vehicle only. When towing avoid sudden jerks and try to keep the rope stretched at all times so that the towed vehicle could not run over the loose rope and break it. The rope is not intended for pulling vehicles out of mud, snowdrifts etc. When towing a vehicle you must observe the road traffic rules concerning towing of vehicles (Polish Law on Road Traffic - Section II, Chapter 3, Title 9 - Towing, Art. 31). 

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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 12 pc.

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