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Booster cable 600

KTM 94-037
Product description

Length 4m. Designed for cars and trucks. Starting engines up to 3000cm3

Product features

Jumper cables are used to assist in jump starting vehicles with discharged battery by means of current transmitted from a battery of another vehicle.

Parameters of jumper cables must be consistent with the current drawn by a battery starter.

How to use

Connection of cables and jump starting the vehicle:

  1. Park the cars close to one another, making sure that they are not touching each other.
  2. Turn off all electric energy receivers.
  3. Switch both vehicles to neutral.
  4. Clamp the red jumper cable to positive (+) terminals of both batteries (firstly, to the battery of the dead car and then to the functioning vehicle’s battery).
  5. Clamp the black jumper cable to negative (-) terminals of both batteries (firstly, to the functioning vehicle’s battery and then to the battery of the dead car).
  6. Make sure that the cables do not touch any moving engine parts.
  7. Activate the starter of vehicle with discharged battery. Do not use cables for more than 10-15 seconds until the engine jump-start.
  8. Wait for about 1 minute and try again. If the jump-start fails, the possible reason is mechanical or electrical damage to the engine.
  9. After a successful jump-start, when the engines are still running, disconnect the jumper cables in the reverse order, starting with the negative (-) terminal.

Only use batteries with the same rated voltage.

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