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RED rim cleaning solution

KTM 19-601
Product description

Bloody rim effect, restores original look, removes all traces of dirt. The RED rim cleaning solution is an economic liquid cleaning solution with the “bloody rim” effect, which reacts with strong contaminants. Removes stubborn stains from all types of steel, aluminum, chromium-plated and varnished rims. Using the liquid, cleaning your dirty rims will be fast and efficient, with no risk of scratching. 

How to use
  1. Before applying the product, make sure the rim is cool.
  2. Apply and spray on the soiled surface evenly.
  3. Wait 90 seconds after applying. In this time, the solution will change its color to bloody red.  Do not let the product dry on the cleaned surface.  
  4. Use a gentle brush or a sponge on stubborn stains.  The effect may not appear on lightly soiled rims.
  5. Rinse the rims with high-pressure water. 

The product has a very pungent odor.  Store vertically.  Do not store inside the car.

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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 12 pc.
Capacity: 750 ml

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