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Aluminum Cleaner

KTM 14-019
Product description

Aluminum Cleaner

Preparation for cleaning and degreasing sufraces from aluminium and its alloys. It can be used also to clean sufraces from other metals.


Product features

Safe for rubber and lacquered surfaces. Perfectly removes all corrosion products, lime deposits created during use of hard water, dirt from cement, mortar, tile adhesive, oil and grease contamination, and other contaminants. E­fficient in cleaning machines, metal surfaces, aluminium pro‑les and car parts.

How to use

Method of application:

1. Apply the preparation richly onto the surface to be cleaned.

2. Wait one minute and rinse with a strong jet of water.

3. Repeat if necessary, use a brush if needed.

4. Leave the parts being cleaned until the preparation evaporates to dryness.

Do not apply on hot surfaces.

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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 12 шт
Capacity: 1 L

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