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Motorcycle chain lubricant

KTM 20-A93
Product description

Motorcycle chain lubricant with excellent performance. Rapidly penetrates and then sets up as a thick lubricating paste. Characterised with high adhesion to surface and resistance to water washout.  Contains a special formula of additives providing exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. Suitable for O-rings, Z-rings and X-rings.

Product features

Lubrication of chains and drive components in motorcycles.
Important: it is recommended to lubricate the chain after riding to allow for evaporation of the solvent. Normally, the chain should be lubricated every 500 km and each time after riding in the rain.

How to use

Components to be lubricated should be clean and dry. 

  1. Shake the container in order to thoroughly mix the product.
  2. Apply the lubricant onto the rollers on the inner side of the chain (it should be cleaned in the first place), preferably under the rocker arm, from a distance of circa 10 cm.
  3. Leave the product to set up for about 20 minutes and repeat the application.
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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 24 pc.
Capacity: 400 ml

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