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Glossy cockpit milk vanilla 300 ml

KTM 19-573
Product description

Milk for the cockpit cleaning in an atomiser.

Product features

Milk for the cockpit in an atomiser is  allergy-friendly product that cleans plastics in the vehicle and protects it against UV rays.

Milk cockpit renews the appearance of the cleaned surface, ensuring a pleasant smell. The formula contains anti-static ingredients to ensure cleanliness for long.

The formula is available in matt and glossy finish  and two scents: apple and vanilla.

How to use
  1. Shake the container.
  2. Spread the cockpit milk on the surface being cleaned.
  3. Apply the cockpit milk on a cloth before applying it near car windows.
  4. Polish with a soft cloth.
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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 24
Capacity: 300 ml

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