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Wax Car Shampoo

KTM 19-027
Product description

Car shampoo with wax, which effectively cleans out the most difficult dirt and sediment and protects the bodywork of the car.

Product features

The car shampoo with wax effectively removes dirt and deposits from the bodywork of the car. Constant washing allows to preserve the original sheen of the car. It is biodegradable. Leaving a wax protection layer. Orange scent. 

How to use
  1. Shake before use
  2. Rinse the car with water
  3. Mix 100 ml of shampoo with 10 l of warm water
  4. Wash the car with a soft sponge
  5. Thoroughly rinse with clean water
  6. Wipe dry with a chamois cloth
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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 12 pc.
Capacity: 1300 ml

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