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Underseal - Chassis and door sill preserving preparation

KTM 20-A09
Product description

Preparation of the on bituminous and rubber basis...

Product features

Preparation of the on bituminous and rubber basis is intended for protection and preservation of chassis. Produces durable and flexible protective layer on the surface of metal parts. Secures against penetration by water and salt, prevents corrosion. Secures door sills against stone chips. Deadens traffic noise.  


How to use
  • Before application shake the container strongly several times in order to thoroughly mix the product.
  • Secure elements that should not be coated.
  • Apply on a previously cleaned surface of an element from the distance of circa 20cm.
  • Leave for at least 4 hours at 20oC to set.
  • Do not spray towards motor, gearbox, braking system and exhaust system.
  • After using, rotate the container by 180o and keep spraying until empty.
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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 24 pc.
Capacity: 600 ml

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