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Plastic Weld Black 10 minutes

KTM 20-A54
Product description

Plastic Weld 

Product features

Plastic adhesive is a fast congeal system designed for repairs cracked or chipped plastics and

other materials. Fixes cracked bumpers, wing mirror casings, as well as other elements made

of plastics. It produces flexible joint with high heat resistance up to 120°C. Product retain

prosperities when in contact with motor oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, petrol, water and others.

Initial phase when the product sets in lasts approximately 10 minutes, depending on the

ambient temperature. After one hour product is hardened in 80%. Full curing time is achieved after 24 hours.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Congeals fast. Produces flexible bond. Forms a durable joint to vast majority of plastics. Grey or black


TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Cracked or chipped plastics

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Quantity in pack: 12
Capacity: 25 g

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