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Epoxy Metal 5 minutes

KTM 20-A43
Product description

Two part epoxy steel system

Product features

MA Professional is a two part epoxy steel system. It repairs cracked or chipped areas made of steel-base alloy, wood, ceramics,

plastics and others. Fixes cracked engine blocks, radiators, mechanic casings and other elements. Compound quickly produces

a tough, rigid, high strength bond with high heat resistance up to 150°C. Product retain prosperities when in contact with motor

oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, petrol, water and others. Initial phase when the product sets in lasts 4 to 10 minutes, depending

on the ambient temperature. After one hour product is hardened in 80%. Full curing time is achieved after 24 hours.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Congeals fast. Produces rigid bond. Can be machined. Bonds to: aluminium, brass, copper, iron, steel,

stainless steel, cast Iron.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Cracked transmission cases. Cracked radiators. Chipped metal surfaces and others.

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Quantity in pack: 12
Capacity: 25 ml

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