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Engine Doktor - engine regenerator

KTM 19-067
Product description

The engine regenerator seals the piston rings, increasing the compression and oil pressure

Product features


Engine Doctor is a superior quality product that can be used on all types of engines:

  • new or old
  • diesel (diesel)
  • petrol
  • powered by LPG or CNG

It can be used in turbocharged engines
It is miscible with all types of mineral, semisynthetic and synthetic oils. It can also be used for differential gearboxes and gearboxes even with GL-5 gear oils. Contains no harmful to the environment and human Teflon (P.T.F.E.)

Engine Doctor is especially recommended for engines under heavy load or under extreme conditions (urban traffic or light trucks). Effectively increases the efficiency of the engine. Reduces oil consumption to a great extent by reducing smoke. Seals the piston rings to increase compression and oil pressure. Restores power and acceleration.
Used in the new engine has protective function. Thanks to its lubricating properties, it significantly reduces friction and prolongs engine life.



How to use

Pour the preparation into a warm engine.

Use one pack for approx. 4 liters of engine oil.

In case of high oil consumption 2 packages should be used.

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Logistics data

Quantity in pack: 24 pc.
Capacity: 444 ml can

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