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Profile wiper COMFORT 610 mm - 24”

KTM 92-010
Product description

Profile wiper + 8 adapters 

Product features

Ideal for the whole year and various weather conditions. Designed for wiping water from the windows of cars and vans. Available in 12 sizes. Suitable for 95% of car models. Graphite rubber guarantees smooth and quiet operation.

It perfectly adheres to windows along its entire length during the ride.

Long time of use. Easy and quick installation - instructions are available on the packaging.

The COMFORT series:

  • includes a solid metal base mounting the wiper
  • additional metal reinforcement of the rubber blade, increased force pressing the wiper to window
  • aerodynamic pressing spoiler made of rubber, over the entire wiper arm
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Logistics data

Capacity: 10 шт

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